long PCR

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long PCR

Construction of long DNA molecules using long PCR‐based fusion of several fragments simultaneously

Reflex: intramolecular barcoding of long-range PCR products for sequencing multiple pooled DNAs

Genome‐scale design of PCR primers and long oligomers for DNA microarrays

Molecular Haplotyping of Genetic Markers 10 kb Apart by Allele-Specific Long-Range PCR

Escherichia coli exonuclease III enhances long PCR amplification of damaged DNA templates

Long-range, high-throughput haplotype determination via haplotype-fusion PCR and ligation haplotyping

Application of long PCR to detect t (8;14)(q24;q32) translocations in childhood Burkitt's lymphoma and B-ALL

Novel Rearrangements of Arthropod Mitochondrial DNA Detected with Long-PCR: Applications to Arthropod Phylogeny and Evolution

LORD-Q: a long-run real-time PCR-based DNA-damage quantification method for nuclear and mitochondrial genome analysis

GenoFrag: software to design primers optimized for whole genome scanning by long‐range PCR amplification

Assembly PCR oligo maker: a tool for designing oligodeoxynucleotides for constructing long DNA molecules for RNA production

S1 nuclease hybrid analysis of mitochondrial DNA amplified by long-distance PCR: rapid screening for small-scale rearrangements

Multiplex Co-Amplification of 24 Retinoblastoma Gene Exons after Pre-Amplification by Long-Distance PCR

PCR- and ligation-mediated synthesis of marker cassettes with long flanking homology regions for gene disruption in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

A simple, rapid, high-fidelity and cost-effective PCR-based two-step DNA synthesis method for long gene sequences

51PPathological complete response (pCR) is not a good marker for inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) patients to predict improved long-term survival after neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NT)

Thermodynamically balanced inside‐out (TBIO) PCR‐based gene synthesis: a novel method of primer design for high‐fidelity assembly of longer gene sequences

771 Evolution of CMV specific IgG and IgM antibody titles in long term follow up of heart transplant recipients and their relation to PCR DNA detection of CMV


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A form of PCR designed for the amplification of DNA molecules of >10kb or longer and using a mixture of proofreading and non‐proofreading thermostable DNA polymerases such as Pfu and Taq.


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