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(1040–1123) (Tib., Milaraspa).

One of the most revered and loved of Tibetan yogins.whose name literally means ‘cotton clad Mila’. Milarepa initially first studied sorcery to slay many family enemies, but later, overcome with remorse, went to train with Marpa who made him undergo many hardships in expiation for his evil deeds. After six years had elapsed, Marpa finally conferred the desired initiations and teachings upon Milarepa. From the age of 45, Milarepa meditated alone and performed great austerities for nine years, such as wearing just a single cotton garment and eating only cooked nettles. After his full realization, he travelled widely, giving teachings on mahāmudrā and other aspects of tantric Buddhism.often by means of his famous songs. Though he did not leave any personal writings, his biography and the famous collection of his songs, the Hundred Thousand Songs, survive to the present day. His main disciples were Rechungpa and Gampopa.

Subjects: Buddhism.

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