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partial melting

partial melting

partial melting and magma production

Near-solidus Melting of the Shallow Upper Mantle: Partial Melting Experiments on Depleted Peridotite

High-pressure Partial Melting of Mafic Lithologies in the Mantle

Partial Melting of Metapelitic Rocks Beneath the Bushveld Complex, South Africa

Using In Situ Trace-Element Determinations to Monitor Partial-Melting Processes in Metabasites

Partial Melting of Aluminous Metagreywackes in the Northern Sierra de Comechingones, Central Argentina

Metasomatism and Partial Melting in Upper-Mantle Peridotite Xenoliths from the Lashaine Volcano, Northern Tanzania

Rheological Transitions During Partial Melting and Crystallization with Application to Felsic Magma Segregation and Transfer

Formation of Distinct Granitic Magma Batches by Partial Melting of Hybrid Lower Crust in the Izu Arc Collision Zone, Central Japan

Partial Melting Experiments of Peridotite + CO2 at 3 GPa and Genesis of Alkalic Ocean Island Basalts

Contact Partial Melting of Granitic Country Rock, Melt Segregation, and Re-injection as Dikes into Ferrar Dolerite Sills, McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica

Partial Melting and Counterclockwise P–T Path of Subducted Oceanic Crust (Sierra del Convento Mélange, Cuba)

Internal Differentiation of the Archean Continental Crust: Fluid-Controlled Partial Melting of Granulites and TTG–Amphibolite Associations in Central Finland

Partial Melting of Mantle and Crustal Sources beneath South Karakorum, Pakistan: Implications for the Miocene Geodynamic Evolution of the India–Asia Convergence Zone

Generation of Tonalitic and Dioritic Magmas by Coupled Partial Melting of Gabbroic and Metasedimentary Rocks within the Deep Crust of the Famatinian Magmatic Arc, Argentina

Deformation and Reactive Melt Transport in the Mantle Lithosphere above a Large-scale Partial Melting Domain: the Ronda Peridotite Massif, Southern Spain

Origin of Exceptionally Abundant Phonolites on Ua Pou Island (Marquesas, French Polynesia): Partial Melting of Basanites Followed by Crustal Contamination


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Incomplete melting of parent rock, characteristically producing a melt whose chemical composition differs from that of the parent material. It is thought that partial-melting processes play a major role in generating more-defined liquids from less-evolved ones, so that many basalts may be the result of partial melting in the (ultrabasic) upper mantle, and many granites may have derived partly or completely from the partial melting of continental crust (anatexis). Partial melting preferentially enriches melts with incompatible elements. In a subduction zone, rocks of intermediate composition may form (e.g. andesites). With increasing temperature and pressure, the subducted oceanic crust (of basic composition) first undergoes metamorphism and then begins to melt or release watery fluids; this material rises into the overlying mantle, which may also begin to melt, giving rise to intermediate magma.

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