John Phillips

(1709—1775) carpenter and builder

'John Phillips' can also refer to...

John Arthur Phillips (1822—1887) mining engineer and metallurgist

John Bertram Phillips (1906—1982) biblical translator and Christian apologist

John Lynch Phillips (b. 1951)

John Phillip (1817—1867) genre and portrait painter

John Phillip Key (1961) New Zealand National Party statesman, Prime Minister since 2008

John Phillips (1631—1706) writer

John Phillips (1800—1874) geologist

John Phillips (c. 1555—1633) bishop of Sodor and Man

John Phillips (c. 1555—1605) author

John Phillips (fl. c. 1768—1827) writer on inland navigation

John Phillips (1935—2001)

John Phillips Potter (1818—1847) anatomist

John Roland Phillips (1844—1887) lawyer and antiquary


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