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n. an intensely itchy eruption of small papules. Besnier’s prurigo is a type of chronic atopic eczema that is lichenified (see lichenification). Nodular prurigo is a condition of unknown cause, although it is usually found in atopic individuals (see atopy). Very severe itching characterizes these nodules, which mostly occur on the distal limbs. Prurigo of pregnancy occurs in 1 in 300 women in the middle trimester of pregnancy, affecting mainly the abdomen and the extensor surfaces of the limbs. It may recur in later pregnancies. It is linked to abnormal blood hormone levels, particularly elevated levels of gonadotrophins and lower levels of cortisol and oestrogen. Pruritic folliculitis of pregnancy is a similar pruritic eruption, predominantly on the trunk and thighs, consisting of follicular papules and pustules. It usually presents in the latter half of pregnancy and resolves early after delivery.

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