pure culture

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pure culture

pure culture

pure culture

pure culture

Production and characterization of Amanitin toxins from a pure culture of Amanita exitialis

Antisense phosphorodiamidate morpholino oligomer inhibits viability of Escherichia coli in pure culture and in mouse peritonitis

Inhibition of anaerobic microbial o-xylene degradation by toluene in sulfidogenic sediment columns and pure cultures

Diversity and expression of cyanobacterial hupS genes in pure cultures and in a nitrogen-limited phototrophic biofilm

Comparison of pure cultures and natural assemblages of planktonic photosynthetic sulfur bacteria by low molecular mass RNA fingerprinting

Microbial oxidation of 1,2-dichloroethane under anoxic conditions with nitrate as electron acceptor in mixed and pure cultures

Molecular characterization of sulfate-reducing bacteria in anaerobic hydrocarbon-degrading consortia and pure cultures using the dissimilatory sulfite reductase (dsrAB) genes

Expression of a nitrogen regulated lux gene fusion in Pseudomonas fluorescens DF57 studied in pure culture and in soil

Sulfoquinovose degraded by pure cultures of bacteria with release of C3-organosulfonates: complete degradation in two-member communities

Role of novel dye-linked dehydrogenases in the metabolism of polyethylene glycol by pure cultures of Sphingomonas sp. N6

Detection and phylogenetic analysis of the membrane-bound nitrate reductase (Nar) in pure cultures and microbial communities from deep-sea hydrothermal vents

Optimization of a high-throughput CTAB-based protocol for the extraction of qPCR-grade DNA from rumen fluid, plant and bacterial pure cultures


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A laboratory culture of a single strain of a microorganism.

Subjects: Genetics and Genomics — Public Health and Epidemiology.

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