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Pyroxenite Layers in the Northern Apennines’ Upper Mantle (Italy)—Generation by Pyroxenite Melting and Melt Infiltration

Incoming Magma Composition and Style of Recharge below the Pyroxenite Marker, Eastern Bushveld Complex, South Africa

Origins of Xenolithic Eclogites and Pyroxenites from the Central Slave Craton, Canada

Origin of the Pegmatitic Pyroxenite in the Merensky Unit, Bushveld Complex, South Africa

Supra-subduction Zone Pyroxenites from San Jorge and Santa Isabel (Solomon Islands)

Crustal Trace Element and Isotopic Signatures in Garnet Pyroxenites from Garnet Peridotite Massifs from Lower Austria

Re–Os and Lu–Hf Isotope Constraints on the Origin and Age of Pyroxenites from the Beni Bousera Peridotite Massif: Implications for Mixed Peridotite–Pyroxenite Mantle Sources

High-pressure Reactive Melt Stagnation Recorded in Abyssal Pyroxenites from the Ultraslow-spreading Lena Trough, Arctic Ocean

Pyroxenite Dykes in Orogenic Peridotite from North Qaidam (NE Tibet, China) Track Metasomatism and Segregation in the Mantle Wedge

Olivine Major and Trace Element Compositions in Southern Payenia Basalts, Argentina: Evidence for Pyroxenite–Peridotite Melt Mixing in a Back-arc Setting

The Role of Pyroxenites in Formation of Shear Instabilities in the Mantle: Evidence from an Ultramafic Ultramylonite, Twin Sisters Massif, Washington

Eclogites and Garnet Pyroxenites: Problems Resolving Provenance Using Lu–Hf, Sm–Nd and Rb–Sr Isotope Systems

Carbonate-fluxed Melting of MORB-like Pyroxenite at 2·9 GPa and Genesis of HIMU Ocean Island Basalts

Pyroxenites from the Southwest Indian Ridge, 9–16°E: Cumulates from Incremental Melt Fractions Produced at the Top of a Cold Melting Regime

Origin of Pyroxenite–Peridotite Veined Mantle by Refertilization Reactions: Evidence from the Ronda Peridotite (Southern Spain)

Formation of Highly Refractory Dunite by Focused Percolation of Pyroxenite-Derived Melt in the Balmuccia Peridotite Massif (Italy)

Crustal Evolution of Island-Arc Ultramafic Magma: Galmoenan Pyroxenite–Dunite Plutonic Complex, Koryak Highland (Far East Russia)


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An ultrabasic, igneous rock consisting of essential clinopyroxene, orthopyroxene, and olivine. The ferromagnesian minerals are magnesium-rich, the pyroxenes dominating olivine, which is usually less than 40% by volume. Different types of pyroxenites are defined using the ratio of clinopyroxene to orthopyroxene to olivine. These include orthopyroxenite, websterite, clinopyroxenite, and olivine-bearing versions of these. Pyroxenites are found as cumulate horizons within layered basic intrusions and as components of the sub-oceanic mantle in obducted fragments of ocean crust known as ophiolites.

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