Francis Roberts

(1609—1675) Church of England clergyman and author

'Francis Roberts' can also refer to...

Francis Charles Robert Jourdain (1865—1940) ornithologist and Church of England clergyman

Francis Robert Beattie (1848—1906)

Francis Robert Bonham (1785—1863) political party agent

Francis Robert Raines (1805—1878) antiquary

George Francis Robert Harris (1810—1872) colonial governor

George Francis Robert Henderson (1854—1903) army officer, historian, and military writer

(John Robert) Francis Wild (1873—1939) Antarctic explorer

Robert Francis Fairlie (1830—1885) civil and mechanical engineer

Robert Francis Vere Heuston (1923—1995) jurist and biographer

Robert Francis Walker (1789—1854) Church of England clergyman and translator


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