William Russell

(c. 1304—1374) abbot of Rushen and bishop of Sodor and Man

'William Russell' can also refer to...

Charles William Russell (1812—1880) college head

George William Erskine Russell (1853—1919) politician and writer

George William Russell (1867—1935) journalist, poet, and agricultural economist

Hastings William Sackville Russell (1888—1953) evangelical Christian and pacifist

Lord George William Russell (1790—1846) army officer and diplomatist

Lord William Russell (1639—1683) politician and conspirator

Odo William Leopold Russell (1829—1884) diplomatist

Sir William Oldnall Russell (c. 1784—1833) legal writer and judge in India

Sir William Russell (c. 1575—1654) merchant and naval administrator

Sir William Russell (1822—1892) army officer

Sir William Russell Flint (1880—1969) artist

William Armstrong Russell (1821—1879) bishop of north China

William Howard Russell (1820—1907) journalist

William James Russell (1830—1909) chemist and educationist

William Morris Russell (1920—2006) engineer and designer

(William) Ritchie Russell (1903—1980) neurologist

William Robertson Russell Bennett (1887—1942) comedian

William Russell (c. 1634—1696) chemical physician and apothecary

William Russell (1777—1813) organist and composer

William Russell (1746—1793) historian

William Russell (1616—1700) politician

William Russell (c. 1553—1613) lord deputy of Ireland

William Russell (1740—1818) merchant and reformer

William Russell Birch (1755—1834) enamel painter and printmaker

William Russell Macdonald (1787—1854) writer

William Whitworth Russell (1795—1847) prison reformer


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