South China Sea

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South China Sea

Smuggling in the South China Sea: Alternate Histories of a Nonstate Space in the Late Nineteenth and Late Twentieth Centuries

The South China Sea Dispute

China's Sovereignty over the South China Sea Islands: A Historical Perspective

China’s Influence in the South China Sea and the Failure of Joint Development

Possible Future of the Contest in the South China Sea

Fisheries in the South China Sea: A Centrifugal or Centripetal Force?

Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea

The South China Sea Arbitration (The Philippines v. China): Potential Jurisdictional Obstacles or Objections

A Comparison of Malaysian and Philippine Responses to China in the South China Sea

Depths to the magnetic layer bottom in the South China Sea area and their tectonic implications

Novel lipolytic genes from the microbial metagenomic library of the South China Sea marine sediment

Pezizomycotina dominates the fungal communities of South China Sea Sponges Theonella swinhoei and Xestospongia testudinaria

Diversity and distribution of planktonic protists in the northern South China Sea

Effect of East Asian aerosol enrichment on microbial community composition in the South China Sea

Identification of seven Crassostrea oysters from the South China Sea using PCR–RFLP analysis

Coordinating the South China Sea Issue: Thailand's roles in the code of conduct development

The presence of natural radioactivity and 137Cs in the South China Sea bordering peninsular Malaysia

Piracy and the Shadow Economy in the South China Sea, 1780–1810

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Part of the Pacific Ocean, surrounded by se China, Indochina, the Malay Peninsula, Borneo, the Philippines, and Taiwan; connected to the East China Sea by the Formosa Strait. The world's ...

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