James Stuart

(1746—1793) army officer

'James Stuart' can also refer to...

Edward James Montagu Stuart Wortley (1857—1934) army officer

James Archibald Stuart Wortley (1776—1845) politician

James Francis Edward Stuart (1688—1766) Jacobite claimant to the thrones of England, Scotland, and Ireland

James George Stuart Burges Bohn (1803—1880) bookseller and bibliographer

James Gray Stuart (1897—1971) politician

James Stuart (1713—1788) painter and architect

James Stuart (1764—1842) historian and journalist

James Stuart (1775—1849) landowner, politician, and factory inspector

James Stuart (1741—1815) army officer

James Stuart (1612—1655) nobleman

James Stuart (1868—1942) magistrate and historian in South Africa

James Stuart (1843—1913) educational reformer and politician

James Stuart Blackton (1875—1941) film pioneer

James Stuart Laurie (1832—1904) educationist

James Stuart Mackenzie (1719—1800) politician and astronomer

James Stuart of Ardachy Fraser (1783—1869) army officer in the East India Company

James Stuart Stewart (1896—1990) Church of Scotland minister and theologian

Sir James Stuart (1780—1853) lawyer and politician in Canada

Sir James Stuart Steele (1894—1975) army officer


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