Robert Sutton

(1661—1723) diplomatist

'Robert Sutton' can also refer to...

Robert Sutton (1708—1788) surgeon, apothecary, and smallpox inoculator

Robert Sutton (1594—1668) royalist nobleman

Sir Robert Sutton (1672—1746) diplomatist and politician

SUTTON, Robert Lexington (1897 - 1981)

SUTTON-NELTHORPE, Robert Nassau (1850 - 1937), DL

SUTTON, Robert Hiles (born 1954), Chairman, Tulchan Communications Group, since 2009

Sutton, Robert, first Baron Lexington (1594-1668), royalist nobleman

Sutton, Robert, second Baron Lexington (1661-1723), diplomatist

Sutton, Sir Robert (1671/1672-1746), diplomatist and politician

Sutton, Robert (bap. 1708, d. 1788), surgeon, apothecary, and smallpox inoculator

[1970] To: Mr. Robert Sutton, [in Newcastle]; Kendal, 14 February, 1718

SUTTON, Stephen Robert (born 1952), Professor of Behavioural Science, University of Cambridge, since 2001

[1510] To: Mr. Robert Sutton, at Gateside near Newcastle Kendal, 16 February, 1716[17]

[1972] To: Mr. Robert Sutton, in Newcastle; Kendal, 21 February, 1718[19]

[368] To: Mr. Robert Sutton, [merchant in Newcastle] Kendal, 20 May, 1712

[1548] To: Mr. Robert Sutton, [in Gateside, Newcastle] Kendal, 11 March, 1716[17]

Communal Utopias and the American Experience: Religious Communities, 1732–2000. By Robert P. Sutton and Communal Utopias and the American Experience: Secular Communities, 1824–2000. By Robert P. Sutton

SUTTON, Robert William (1905 - 1997), Superintendent and Chief Scientific Officer, Services Electronics Research Laboratories, Baldock, Herts, 1946–70, retired

SUTTON, Robert (1832 - 1910), Archdeacon of Lewes, 1888–1908; Canon-prebendary of Chichester, 1866; Surrogate for Archdeaconries of Chichester and Lewes; Vicar of Pevensey from 1875

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