'Bernard' can also refer to...

Agnes Morrogh Bernard (1842—1932) Roman Catholic nun

Angus Bernard MacEachern (1759—1835) missionary and bishop of Charlottetown

Anthony Bernard (1891—1963)

Arthur Bernard Cook (1868—1952) classical scholar and archaeologist

(Arthur) Bernard Deacon (1903—1927) social anthropologist

Aubyn Bernard Rochfort Trevor Battye (1855—1922) traveller and naturalist

Barnaby Bernard Lintot (1675—1736) bookseller

Baron Louis Bernard Guyton de Morveau (1737—1816)

Basil Bernard Bernstein (1924—2000) sociologist

Bernard (fl. c. 855—880) cleric and traveller

Bernard (c. 1105—1148) bishop of St David's.

Bernard (fl. c. 1113—1140) administrator

Bernard (c. 1298—1331) administrator and bishop of Sodor

Bernard (c. 1179—1209) bishop of Carlisle

Bernard A. Knapp

Bernard A. Nijstad

Bernard Addison (1905—1990)

Bernard Allison (b. 1965)

Bernard Andre (c. 1450—1522) poet and historian

Bernard Arthur Owen Williams (1929—2003) philosopher

Bernard Ashley (b. 1935)

Bernard Ashmole (1894—1988) archaeologist and art historian

Bernard Bailyn (b. 1922)

Bernard Baron (1696—1762) engraver

Bernard Barton (1784—1849) poet

Bernard Baruch (1870—1965)

Bernard Berenson (1865—1959)

Bernard Bergonzi

Bernard Bergonzi (b. 1929)


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Male forename.

St Bernard of Aosta (c. 996–c. 1081), French monk who founded two hospices for travellers in the Alps. The St Bernard passes, where the hospices were situated, and St Bernard dogs are named after him, and he is patron saint of mountaineers. His feast day is 28 May.

St Bernard of Clairvaux (1090–1153), French theologian and monastic reformer. He was the first abbot of Clairvaux and his monastery became one of the chief centres of the Cistercian order. His feast day is 20 August.

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