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1 The growth of land by the offshore deposition of sediment, forming spits and tombolos. Accretion is most active in estuaries, particularly within the tropics. See Robin et al. (2007) U. Caen Coastal Morphodynamics Gp. on swash bar and hook spit formation.

2 The increase in size of a continent by the addition of accretion terranes. A tectonostratigraphic terrane is a fault-bounded geologic entity characterized by a distinctive geologic history that differs markedly from that of adjacent terranes (Hamilton (1990) Phil. Trans. R. Soc. London A 331).

3 The growth of a landform by the addition of deposits; seif dunes grow by accretion. See H. S. Edgell (2006).

4 The increase in size of particles by additions to the exterior, as in the formation of hailstones. See Zheng and List (1995) Procs Conf. Cloud Phys.

Subjects: Environmental Science — Earth Sciences and Geography.

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