'Bridget' can also refer to...

Allworthy, Squire, Bridget

Anna Bridget Plowden (1938—1997) archaeological conservator and restorer

Bridget Anderson

Bridget Bendish (1650—1726) granddaughter of Oliver Cromwell

Bridget Bevan (1688—1779) educational benefactor

Bridget Bostock (c. 1678—1754) faith healer

Bridget Egerton (c. 1594—1648) religious writer

Bridget Fleetwood (c. 1624—1662) daughter of Oliver Cromwell

Bridget Hill

Bridget Hirsch

Bridget Irene Hill (1922—2002) historian and feminist

Bridget L. McConnell

Bridget M. Hutter

Bridget Mary Redmond (1904—1952) landowner and politician

Bridget Morris

Bridget O'Flynn

Bridget Orr

Bridget Riley (b. 1931) English painter

Bridget St. John

Dame Bridget Cicely D'Oyly Carte (1908—1985) theatre manager

Dame Bridget Horatia Plowden (1910—2000) public servant

Dame Honor Bridget Fell (1900—1986) cell biologist

Elizabeth Bridget Armitstead (1750—1842) courtesan

Elizabeth Bridget Pigot (1783—1866) friend and correspondent of Lord Byron

St Bridget of Sweden (c. 1303—1373)


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Female forename

St Bridget of Ireland (d. c.525), Irish abbess. She was venerated in Ireland as a virgin saint and noted in miracle stories for her compassion; her cult soon spread over most of western Europe. It has been suggested that she may represent the Irish goddess Brig. She is also called Bride, Brigid, and Mary of the Gael. Her emblems are a cheese and a cow, and her feast day is 1 February.

St Bridget of Sweden (c. 1303–73), Swedish nun and visionary. She experienced her first vision of the Virgin Mary at the age of 7. After her husband's death she was inspired by further visions to devote herself to religion, and she founded the Order of Bridgettines (c.1346) at Vadstena in Sweden. She is also called Birgitta. Her feast day is 23 July.

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