Castor and Pollux

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The temple of the Dioscuri at Rome, in the Forum, was attributed to the deities' miraculous intervention in 484 bc in the battle of Lake Regillus (against the Latins) in response to the vow of the dictator Postumius (they brought the news of the victory to Rome in person). Recent excavation has shown that the first temple is indeed of about this date, and that it was little smaller than the rebuildings of 117 and of Tiberius (dedicated ad 6), lavish though the last was. So this was one of the first monumental structures in the Forum, and long the most imposing—testimony to the importance of the cavalry in the early Roman state. The temple on its high podium was a vantage‐point in the Forum, and played an big part in the turbulent popular politics of the end of the republic.

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