'Edward' can also refer to...



Edward (d. 924) king of the Anglo-Saxons

Edward (1823—1902) army officer


Edward (1475—1499) potential claimant to the English throne

Edward (c. 1373—1415) magnate

Edward (c. 962—978) king of England





Edward II

Edward Sorin

Edward Balliol

Edward Bruce

Edward Hyde

Edward Waterfield

Compton, Edward

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Male forename; name of two English saints.

St Edward the Confessor (c. 1003–66), the son of Ethelred the Unready and his second wife Emma of Normandy, king of England 1042–66. Famed for his piety, Edward rebuilt Westminster Abbey, where he was eventually buried. He is sometimes shown with a ring which according to legend he gave to a beggar; subsequently English pilgrims in the Holy Land (or India) encountered an old man who said that he was St John the Apostle, and who gave them back the ring, telling them to return it to the king, and warn him that he would die in six months' time. His feast day is 13 October.

St Edward the Martyr (c. 963–78), the son of Edgar, king of England 975–8. Edward was faced by a challenge for the throne from supporters of his half-brother, Ethelred, who eventually had him murdered at Corfe Castle in Dorset. His emblem is a dagger, symbol of his martyrdom. His feast day is 18 March.

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