'wood' can also refer to...

A. H. Woods (1870—1951)

Abram Wood (1729—1799) Gypsy patriarch

Adrian Wood

Alastair Wood

Alexander Wood (1726—1807) surgeon

Alexander Wood (1817—1884) physician

Alice Augusta Woods (1849—1941) educationist and college head

Allen Wood

Andrea Wood

Anne Wood (1907—1998) singer and opera administrator

Anthony Wood (1632—1695) antiquary

Arthur Henry Wood (1875—1953) conductor and composer

Audrey Wood (1905—1986)

Audrey Wood (b. 1948)

babes in the wood

Babes In The Wood (Mary Black album)

Battle of Belleau Wood

battles of Château-Thierry/Belleau Wood

Beatrice Wood (1893—1998)

Booty Wood (b. 1919)

Brenton Wood (b. 1941)

Bretton Woods Conference

browse wood

burr wood

Carter Wood

Charles Erskine Scott Wood (1852—1944)

Charles Lindley Wood Halifax (1839—1934) ecumenist

Charles Robert Woods (1827—1885)

Charles Wood (b. 1932)

Charles Wood (1866—1926) organist and composer


Quick Reference

Not see the wood for the trees fail to grasp the main issue or gain a general view among a mass of details; the term is recorded from the mid 16th century.

touch wood said in order to prevent a confident statement from bringing bad luck (with reference to the custom of touching something wooden to ward off bad luck).

See also fields have eyes and woods have ears at field, don't halloo till you are out of the wood, hunger drives the wolf out of the wood, the same neck of the woods, wooden.

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