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St Paul (b. 62 ad) German novelist


'Saul' can also refer to...

Abba Saul

Arthur Saul (c. 1535—1586) Church of England clergyman

Arthur Saul (c. 1562—1617) writer on chess and supposed spy

Ben Saul

Carlos Saúl Menem (b. 1935)

Charles Edward Saul Jennings de Kilmaine (1751—1799) army officer in the French service

Daniel Saul Goldin (b. 1940)

David Saul Marshall (1908—1995) chief minister of Singapore

Dead March in Saul

Jennifer M. Saul

John Ralston Saul (b. 1947)

John Saul Howson (1816—1885) biblical scholar and dean of Chester

Mendlovitz, Saul Howard

Nigel Saul

Peter Saul (b. 1934)

Richard Saul Ferguson (1837—1900) antiquary

Samir Saul




Saul Aaron Kripke (b. 1940)

Saul Baizerman (1889—1957)

Saul Bass (1920—1996)

Saul Bellow (1915—2005) Canadian-born American novelist

Saul Chaplin (1912—1997)

Saul Cornell

Saul Lieberman (1898—1983)

Saul M. Olyan

Saul Marks


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In the Bible, Saul of Tarsus was the original name of St Paul1.

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