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'Martin' can also refer to...

Academy of St Martin-in-the-Fields

A.E. Martin (1885—1955)

Agnes Martin (1912—2004)

Alan Martin Boase (1902—1982) French scholar

Alexander Martin (1740—1807) revolutionary army officer and politician in America

Alexander Martin (1857—1946) theologian and leader of the United Free Church of Scotland

Alexander Martin Sullivan (1829—1884) journalist and Irish nationalist

Alexander Martin Sullivan (1871—1959) barrister

Allan William Martin (1926—2002)

Amy Brock Martin

Ana Maria Martins

Andrea Martin (b. 1947)

Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin (1906—1985) lawyer

Andrew Martin Fairbairn (1838—1912) Congregational minister and college head

Andy Martin (b. 1960)

Ann M. Martin (b. 1955)

A.P. Martin (1851—1902)

Archer John Porter Martin (1910—2002) biochemist

Arnold Hugh Martin Jones (1904—1970) historian

Arthur Martin Leake (1874—1953) surgeon

Asa Martin (1900—1979)

Aston Martin

Axel Martin Fredrik Munthe (1857—1949) physician and author

Baltimore, Martin

(Basil) Kingsley Martin (1897—1969) political journalist and journal editor

Bayo Martins

Beck, Martin

Ben Martin

Benjamin Martin (1704—1782) lecturer on science and maker of scientific instruments


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Male forename, name of two saints.

St Martin de Porres (1579–1639), a Dominican lay brother, the illegitimate son of a Spanish grandee and a freed black slave from Lima in Peru. He was noted for his dedication to the poor as for his undiscriminating charity to those of all races. His feast day is 5 November.

St Martin of Tours (d.397), French bishop, a patron saint of France. When giving half his cloak to a beggar he received a vision of Christ, after which he was baptized. He joined St Hilary at Poitiers and founded the first monastery in Gaul. St Martin is often shown dividing his cloak with the beggar, or with a globe of fire above his head, seen one day when he said Mass. Another emblem, from the 15th century, is a goose, the migration of which often coincides with his feast. His feast day (Martinmas) is 11 November, and St Martin's summer is a season of fine, mild weather occurring about this time.

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