'Mary' can also refer to...

Adela Constantia Mary Pankhurst Walsh (1885—1961) suffragette and pacifist

Adeline Mary Russell (1852—1920) penal reformer

Agatha Mary Harrison (1885—1954) industrial welfare reformer and unofficial diplomat

Agnes Mary Clerke (1842—1907) writer on astronomy

(Agnes) Mary Field (1896—1968) film producer

(Agnes) Mary Frances Duclaux (1857—1944) writer

Agnes Mary Frances Robinson

Aileen Mary Fox (1907—2005) archaeologist

Aileen Sibell Mary Plunket (1904—1999) society hostess

Alexandra Mary Chalmers Watson (1872—1936) medical practitioner and head of the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps

Alice Mary Coleridge (1846—1907) promoter of girls' schools

Alice Mary Havers (1850—1890) genre and landscape painter

Alice Mary Hughes (1857—1939) photographer

Alice Mary Meadows White (1839—1884) composer

Alice Mary Stewart (1906—2002) physician and epidemiologist

(Alice) Maud Mary Arncliffe Sennett (1862—1936) women's suffrage activist

Alice Maud Mary Furlong (1871—1946) poet

Ann Geraldine Mary Fleming (1913—1981) society hostess

(Ann) Mary Newton (1832—1866) painter

Anna Mary Howitt (1824—1884) painter and writer

Annie Mary Anne Henley Rogers (1856—1937) promoter of women's higher education

antiphons of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Antony Mary Pucci (1819—1892)

Babes In The Wood (Mary Black album)

Barbara Mary Ansell (1923—2001) rheumatologist

Barbara Mary Denis de Vitre (1905—1960) police officer

Barbara Mary Hope Strang (1925—1982) English language scholar

Beatrice Mary Blackwood (1889—1975) anthropologist

Beatrice Mary Irene White (1902—1986) literary scholar

Beatrice Mary Kean Seymour (1886—1955) novelist


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Female forename.

Mary Bell order a court order prohibiting the publication of information which might lead to the identification of a ward of court, from the name of Mary Bell (1957– ), who in 1968 was convicted of the manslaughter of two younger children. Released from custody and living under another name, she gave birth to a daughter in 1984, and in order to protect the child's anonymity, the High Court made an order forbidding public identification of Mary Bell or her whereabouts.

Mary Celeste an American brig that was found in the North Atlantic in December 1872 in perfect condition but abandoned. The fate of the crew and the reason for the abandonment of the ship remain a mystery. She is sometimes referred to incorrectly as the Marie Celeste.

Mary Rose a heavily armed ship, built for Henry VIII, that in 1545 sank with the loss of nearly all her company when going out to engage the French fleet off Portsmouth. The hull, with some of the ship's contents, was raised in 1982, and is now on public display in Portsmouth dockyard.

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