St John's

'St John's' can also refer to...

A. St John Adcock (1864—1930)

Ambrose St John (1815—1875) Roman Catholic priest and headmaster

Barry St. John

Bayle Frederick St John (1822—1859) traveller and author

Brian St John Inglis (1916—1993) journalist

Bridget St. John

Burke Frederick St John Trend (1914—1987) civil servant

Carteret, John, 2nd Baron Carteret, 1st Earl Granville (1690—1763) politician

Cathedral of St. John the Divine

Charles George William St John (1809—1856) sportsman and naturalist

(Charles Harold) St John Hornby (1867—1946) businessman and private printer

Christopher Marie St John (1871—1960) writer

Christopher St John Sprigg (1907—1937) writer

Cynthia Morgan St John (1852—1919)

David ST JOHN (b. 1949)

Decollation of St John the Baptist

(Egerton) St John Pettifor Catchpool (1890—1971) social worker

(Evelyn) John St Loe Strachey (1901—1963) socialist theorist and politician

Frederick John Robinson Goderich, 1st Viscount (1782—1859) prime minister

Harry St John Bridger Philby (1885—1960) explorer and Arabist

Henry St. John, Gentleman

Henry St John, Lord Bolingbroke (1678—1751) politician, diplomatist, and author

Horace Stebbing Roscoe St John (1830—1888) author and journalist

Isaac Munroe St. John (1827—1880)

James Augustus St John (1795—1875) writer and traveller

Jeff St. John (b. 1946)

John, Gospel of St

John Graham Dundee, 1st Viscount (1648—1689)

John Jeffreys Pratt Camden, 2nd Earl and 1st Marquis (1759—1840) politician

John Jervis, 1st earl of St Vincent (1735—1823) naval officer


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Port and capital of Antigua, in the Leeward Islands, West Indies. During the 18th century, St John's was the headquarters of the Royal Navy in the West Indies. Industries: tourism, rum, sugar, cotton. Pop. (2002 est.) 23,400.


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