David Charles

'David Charles' can also refer to...

David Charles (1812—1878) Calvinistic Methodist minister and educationist

David Charles (1762—1834) Calvinistic Methodist preacher and writer

Charles David (1552—1650)

Read, David Charles (1790)

Charles David Badham (1805—1857) naturalist

Sir David Charles Calcutt (1930—2004) barrister and college head

David Charles Read (1790—1851) etcher and painter

Williams, Charles David

Tandy, Charles David

David Charles Samuel Montagu (1928—1998) merchant banker

David Charles Penhaligon (1944—1986) politician

(Charles) David Marsden (1938—1998) neurologist and neuroscientist

David Charles Davies (1826—1891) Calvinistic Methodist minister and college head

David, Charles Walter, Jr.

Moody, Charles David

David, Charles (1552–1650)

Sir David Edward Charles Steel (1916—2004) oil company executive

DAVID, Charles (1600 - 1636), Draughtsman, engraver

DAVID, Charles (1797 - 1869), Painter, musician

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