David French

'David French' can also refer to...

David French (b. 1939)

French, David (b. 1939)

French, David (1939)

French, David (1939– )

FRENCH, David M. (1827 - 1910), Sculptor

French, David (18 Jan. 1939)

David Hopkin. Voices of the People in Nineteenth-Century France.

Bioinformatics.Charlie Hodgman, Andrew French and David Westhead Instant

L'Etoile rouge de David: Les Juifs communistes en France

The Oxford Handbook of the French Revolution. Edited by David Andress.

FRENCH, David Rowthorne (born 1937), engineering consultant, 1994–2008

Narratives of French Modernity: Themes, Forms and Metamorphoses. Essays in Honour of David Gascoigne

The British Way in Counter-Insurgency, 1945–1967, by David French

Renaissance France at War: Armies, Culture and Society, c.1480–1560, by David Potter

Shorter note. Class and State in Ancien Régime France. The Road to Modernity?. David Parker

Voices of the People in Nineteenth-Century France, by David Hopkin

Sociolinguistic Variation and Change in France. Ed. David Hornsby & Mikaël Jamin. Nottingham: Nottingham French Studies (Volume 47, No. 2), 2007. 152 pp. £20/$40. ISBN 978–085358–2359

David A. Messenger. L'Espagne Républicaine: French Policy and Spanish Republicanism in Liberated France. Brighton, England: Sussex Academic Press. 2008. Pp. xi, 196. $67.50

FRENCH, David (born 1947), Partner, Hilliard French Associates, executive coaching, since 2014; Associate Director, Transform, since 2011; Principal, Convener Associates, since 2009; Senior Advisor, European Partnership for Democracy, 2010–11