S. Jean

'S. Jean' can also refer to...

Jean S. Phinney

Jean Stewart’s Dance Band

Fascism on Stage: Jean Anouilh’s Antigone

Jean Gascon’s Theatricalist Approach to Molière and Shakespeare

Jean Hotman to Sidney, s.l., s.d. <?July or September 1582> (Copy; fragment)

Jean Lobbet to Sidney, s.l., s.d. [Strasbourg, May 1576] [no address]

SNOWLING, Margaret Jean (born 1955), President, St John’s College, Oxford, since 2012

LANCASTER, Jean (1909 - 1996), Director, Women’s Royal Naval Service, 1961–64

Introduction. Jean-Luc Godard: Histoire(s) du cinéma (1988–1998)

The Signs amongst us: Jean-Luc Godard's Histoire(s) du Cinéma

Jean-Martin Charcot’s role in the 19th century study of music aphasia

The British origins of Jean-Paul Marat’s revolutionary radicalism

Intertext and Political Margins in Jean Renoir’s Boudu Sauvé Des Eaux

Citizen Subject: Response to Jean-Luc Nancy’s Question “Who Comes After the Subject?”

Fact and Fiction in Susan Du Verger’s Translations of Jean-Pierre Camus’s Les Euenemens singuliers, Les Relations morales, and Diotrephe. Histoire Valentine

CURTIS-RALEIGH, Jean Margaret Macdonald (born 1933), Consultant Psychiatrist, Queen Mary’s University Hospital, Roehampton, 1979–98

CONAN DOYLE, Jean (Lena Annette) (1912 - 1997), Director of the Women’s Royal Air Force, 1963–66, retired

MURDOCH, (Jean) Iris (1919 - 1999), novelist and philosopher; Fellow of St Anne’s College, Oxford, since 1948, Hon. Fellow, 1963

“A Small Man in Big Spaces”: The New Negro, the Mestizo, and Jean Toomer’s Southwestern Writing

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