Peter John

'Peter John' can also refer to...

Scupham, (John) Peter (1933–)

Dale, Peter (John) (1938–)

Scupham, [John] Peter (1933– )

Berger, John [Peter] (1926– )

John Peter Altgeld (1847—1902)

Peter John Allan (1825—1848) poet

Peter John Conder (1919—1993) ornithologist and conservationist

General Peter John Cosgrove (b. 1947)

Sir John Peter Boileau (1794—1869) antiquary

Peter John Bickel (b. 1940)

John Peter Bernard (1713—1750) compiler of histories and biographer

John Peter Burman (1924—1998)

John Peter Roberdeau (1754—1815) playwright

John Peter Anton (1920)

Peter John Ucko (1938—2007) archaeologist and anthropologist

John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg (1746—1807)

John Peter Laporte (1761—1839) watercolour painter

Peter John Locke King (1811—1885) politician

John Peter Zenger (1697—1746)

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