David Lyon

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David Lyons

LYON, David - Painter

Lyons, David Barry (1935–)

Edmund David Lyon (1825—1891)

David Barry Lyons (1935)

Lyon, Edmund David (1825–1891)

FRASER, Lyons David (1868 - 1926), RA

LYONS, Alastair David (born 1953), non-executive Chairman, Admiral Group plc, since 2000

Surveillance Society: Monitoring Everyday Life. By David Lyon (Buckingham: Open University Press, 2001. 189 pp. £15.99 pb)

LYON, (John) David (Richard) (born 1936), Chief Executive, Rexam plc (formerly Bowater Industries, then Bowater plc), 1987–96

ACTON, Edward David Joseph Lyon-Dalberg- - Vice-Chancellor, University of East Anglia, 2009–14

LYON, David Murray (1888 - 1956), Principal Medical Officer of Scottish Widows’ Fund and Life Assurance Society, 1936–54; Editor Edinburgh Med. Jour

MAITLAND-TITTERTON, David Maitland (1904 - 1988), Marchmont Herald of Arms to Court of Lord Lyon, since 1982

BOWES-LYON, David (1902 - 1961), Managing Director, Lazard Bros & Co. Ltd (incorporating Edward de Stein & Co.); HM Lieutenant, County of Hertford, since 1952; Trustee of British Museum, since 1953

SELLAR, W(illiam) David H(amilton) (born 1941), Islay Herald Extraordinary, since 2014 (Lord Lyon King of Arms and Secretary of the Order of the Thistle, 2008–14)

Rethinking Church, State, and Modernity: Canada Between Europe and America, David Lyon and Marguerite Van Die, (eds.). Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2000, 353 pp. $55.00 (cloth), $24.95 (paper)

1012.1. Ashbourne. Th. 16 Sept. '84. David Barclay. Address: To Mr Barclay in Red Lyon Square London (redirected to Youngsbury near Wear Herts). Postmark: 20SE. A. Houghton.—John Scott, Critical Essays 1785, iii.

Rethinking Church, State, and Modernity: Canada between Europe and America. Edited by David Lyon and Marguerite van Die. Toronto: Toronto University Press, 2000. 353 pp. $55.00 cloth; $24.95 paper

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