Mark New

'Mark New' can also refer to...

From watchdog to sneak: the UK's new trade mark notification regime

The registered layout: a new type of trade mark for Apple

Mediation and Community trade marks: new gimmick or real benefit?

A new editor to mark another era in genetics

Moving forward: the new trade mark provisions on goods in transit

GeneMark.hmm: New solutions for gene finding

Mark Sedgwick. Western Sufism: From the Abbasids to the New Age.

The importance of the element of bad faith in international trade mark law and its relevance under the new Chinese trade mark law provisions

Mark Wahlgren Summers. The Ordeal of the Reunion: A New History of Reconstruction.

Daniela Baratieri, Mark Edel, and Giuseppe Finaldi, editors. Totalitarian Dictatorship: New Histories

The transit dilemma revisited: the new Customs Regulation and the legislative package on trade marks

Flannery O'Connor and the New Criticism: A Response to Mark McGurl

John Brannigan, New Historicism and Cultural Materialism; Mark Currie, Postmodern Narrative Theory; Julian Wolfreys, Deconstruction • Derrida

Appropriate placement of intubation depth marks in a new cuffed paediatric tracheal tube†

H3K23me2 is a new heterochromatic mark in Caenorhabditis elegans

Review: Mark 1–8. A New Translation with Introduction and Commentary

The Database of Macromolecular Motions: new features added at the decade mark

Mark Sneed (ed.), Was There a Wisdom Tradition? New Prospects in Israelite Wisdom Studies

New Labour: A Critique. By Mark Bevir.Prolonged Labour: The Slow Birth of New Labour Britain. By David Coates.

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