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380 To David Ritchie: [West Humble, post 18 June 1800]

Review: Post‐Revolutionary Politics in Iran: Religion, Society and Power
 David Menashri Post‐Revolutionary Politics in Iran: Religion, Society and Power

City with No Walls: David Ben-Gurion’s Jerusalem Vision Post-June 1967

Post-war Reconstruction in Europe: International Perspectives, 1945–1949, ed. Mark Mazower, Jessica Reinisch and David Feldman

Managing British Colonial and Post-Colonial Development: The Crown Agents, 1914–74. By David Sunderland.

DAVID WILLIAMS. Defending Japan's Pacific War: The Kyoto School Philosophers and Post-White Power. London: RoutledgeCurzon. 2005. Pp. xxvi, 238. $34.95

Gad Heuman, David V. Trotman, editors. Contesting Freedom: Control and Resistance in the Post-Emancipation Caribbean. (Warwick University Caribbean Studies.) Oxford: Macmillan Caribbean. 2005. Pp. xxxi, 239. £16.00.

Restructuring Networks in Post-Socialism: Legacies, Linkages, and Localities. Edited by Gernot Grabber and David Stark. Oxford University Press, 1997. 347 pp. Cloth, $75.00

Social Justice and Political Change: Public Opinion in Capitalist and Post-Communist States. Edited by James R. Kluegel, David S. Mason, and Bernd Wegener. Aldine de Gruyter, 1995. 359 pp. Cloth, $55.95; paper, $27.95

The Politics of Cultural Differences: Social Change and Voter Mobilization Strategies in the Post-New Deal Period. By David C. Leege, Kenneth D. Wald, Brian S. Krueger, and Paul D. Mueller. Princeton University Press, 2002. 287 pp. Cloth, $21.95; paper, $15.00

Seizing the New Day: African Americans in Post-Civil War Charleston. By Wilbert L. Jenkins. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1998 and Democracy Betrayed: The Wilmington Race Riot of 1898 and Its Legacy. Ed. by David S. Cecelski and Timothy B. Tyson. (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1998

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