John Proctor

'John Proctor' can also refer to...

John Proctor (1521—1558) schoolmaster and author

TIVEY, John (Proctor) (1882 - 1968)

Proctor, John (1521-1558), schoolmaster and author

PROCTOR, John (born 1952), General Secretary, United Reformed Church, since 2014

PROCTOR, Stephen John (born 1945), Professor of Haematological Oncology, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, 1991, now Emeritus

HOLDEN, John (1882 - 1949), Assistant Bishop in Diocese of Truro since 1938; Archdeacon of Cornwall since 1947; Proctor in Convocation since 1944

WALKER, John (1837 - 1910), Hon. Canon of Newcastle; Rector of Whalton; Rural Dean of Morpeth; Proctor in Convocation

EDDOWES, John (1826 - 1905), Hon. Canon of Ripon from 1895; Proctor in Convocation for Archdeaconry of Craven from 1895; Surrogate for Ripon from 1894

ELSEE, Henry John (died 1936), Hon. Canon of Manchester; Vicar of St George’s, Bolton, since 1896; Rural Dean of Bolton since 1930; Proctor in Convocation, 1931

ELLERTON, Arthur John Bicknell (1865 - 1928), Hon. Canon of Southwell; Rector of North Wingfield, Derbyshire, since 1918; Proctor in Convocation, 1920–22; Warden of Community of St Lawrence, Belper

HARDING, John Taylor (1835 - 1928), Prebendary of St Nicholas in Llandaff Cathedral; Rural Dean of Monmouth, 1884–1919; Proctor in Convocation for Chapter of Llandaff, 1886–1919

KNOX LITTLE, William John (1839 - 1918), Canon of Worcester since 1881; Sub-Dean, 1902; Proctor for Chapter in Convocation of Canterbury, 1888–1911; Vicar of Hoar Cross 1885–1907

SINKER, Provost John (1874 - 1936), Vicar of Blackburn since 1922; Provost of the Cathedral, 1931; Hon. Canon of Blackburn 1927; Surrogate for Diocese of Blackburn, 1927; Proctor in Convocation for Archdeaconry of Blackburn, 1929

BROWN, John Thomas (1860 - 1929), Vicar of Northallerton since 1925; Hon. Canon of Durham, 1924; Proctor in York Convocation and National Church Assembly, 1917; Surrogate; Vice-Chairman Board of Governors Northallerton Grammar School; Member Consultative Committee, National Society

DAVIES, John J. (1863 - 1938), Rector of Morpeth since 1906; Rural Dean of Morpeth since 1928; Hon. Canon of Newcastle, 1911; Personal Chaplain to late Bishop of Newcastle, 1910; Proctor in Convocation, 1929

QUIRK, John Nathaniel (1849 - 1924), Suffragan Bishop of Jarrow since 1914; Archdeacon of Durham and Canon Residentiary of Durham Cathedral since 1922; Canon Residentiary of York Minster, 1912–14; of Durham Cathedral since 1914; Proctor in Convocation for Chapter of Durham, 1914

BOUGHTON, Charles Henry Knowler (1883 - 1943), Vicar of St John the Baptist, Knighton, since 1928; Canon Theologian of Leicester since 1932; Canon Residentiary of Leicester Cathedral since 1937; Proctor in Convocation, 1937; Rural Dean of Christianity, 1938; Examining Chaplain to the Bishop of Leicester, 1929

THORPE, John Henry (died 1932), Archdeacon of Macclesfield since 1922; Vicar of St George’s, Stockport; Rural Dean of Stockport, 1911–22; Hon. Canon of Chester, Proctor in York Convocation, 1917–22; Preacher before the University of Dublin, 1920; Hon. Chaplain to the Forces (ranking as Lt-Col)

MITCHELL, John Thomas (died 1947), Residentiary Canon of Liverpool Cathedral, 1933; Canon Emeritus since 1938; Rector of Wavertree since 1894; Vice-Chairman, Diocesan Board of Education since 1944; Member Diocesan Reorganisation Committee and of Board of Supervision of Church of England Training Colleges; Hon. Secretary Warrington Training College; Proctor and Assessor in Convocation; formerly Member Commission on Parochial Endowments; Chairman of the Northern Provincial Council for the Protection of Churches

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