A. J. Roberts

'A. J. Roberts' can also refer to...

First Isaiah: A Commentary. By J. J. M. Roberts. Edited by Peter Machinist

Hume’s Skeptical Crisis: A Textual Study, by Robert J. Fogelin

Vern L. Bengtson, Timothy J. Biblarz, and Robert E. L. Roberts: How families still matter. A longitudinal study of youth in two generations

A Critical Edition of the Private Diaries of Robert Proctor: The Life of a Librarian at the British Museum. Ed. by J. H. Bowman.

robert kean turner and virginia westling haas (eds), with robert a. jones, andrew j. sabol, and patricia e. tatspaugh. A New Variorum Edition of Shakespeare. The Winter's Tale.

Contemplatives in Action: The Jesuit Way. By William A. Barry, S.J. and Robert G. Doherty, S.J. New York: Paulist Press, 2002. 84 pp. $11.95

O'Neill, S.D., Roberts, J.A. Plant reproduction. Annual plant reviews vol. 6

Alberts, B., Johnson, A., Lewis, J., Raff, M., Roberts, K. and Walter, P. Molecular biology of the cell. 4th edn.

J. E. McPherson, Editor, Resigns from American Entomologist Robert K. D. Peterson: A New Co-contributing Editor

Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Solutions Using R and Bioconductor.Edited by Robert Gentleman, Wolfgang Huber, Vincent J. Carey, Rafael A. Irizarry and Sandrine Dudoit

A Black Political Theology. By J. Deotis Roberts. Louisville, Ky.: Westminster John Knox Press, 2005 [1974]. 238 pp. $24.95

Lois J. Roberts. The Lebanese in Ecuador: A History of Emerging Leadership. Boulder, Colo.: Westview. 2000. Pp. xii, 243. $60.00

Lawrence J. Friedman. Identity's Architect: A Biography of Erik H. Erikson. Foreword by Robert Coles. New York: Scribner. 1999. Pp. 592. $35.00

Studies on the Language and Literature of the Bible: Selected Works of J. A. Emerton. Edited by Graham Davies and Robert Gordon

A Century of Maritime Science: The St. Andrews Biological Station. Edited by Jennifer Hubbard, David J. Wildish, and Robert L. Stephenson

From the Penny Dreadful to the Ha-Penny Dreadfuller: A Bibliographic History of the Boys' Periodical in Britain, 1762–1950. By Robert J. Kirkpatrick.

The Newer Deal: Social Work and Religion in Partnership, by Ram A. Cnaan, with Robert J. Wineburg and Stephanie Boddie. New York: Columbia University Press, 1999, 368pp. $26.50 (paper)

A Quest for Glory: A Biography of Rear Admiral John A. Dahlgren. By Robert J. Schneller Jr. (Annapolis: Naval Institute Press, 1996. xviii, 452 pp. $37.95, ISBN 1-55750-762-7.)

A Place Called Grand Canyon: Contested Geographies. By Barbara J. Morehouse. Maps, notes, bibliography and Grand Canyon, a Century of Change: Rephotography of the 1889–1890 Stanton Expedition. By Robert T. Webb. Illustrations, maps, photographs, notes, index

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