Charles Smith

'Charles Smith' can also refer to...

Charles A. Smith

Charles B Smith

Charles Ferguson Smith (1807—1862)

Charles Hamilton Smith (1776—1859) soldier and natural historian

Charles Harriot Smith (1792—1864) architect

Charles Henry Smith (1826—1903)

Charles John Smith (1803—1838) engraver

Charles Roach Smith (1807—1890) antiquary

Charles Smith (1713—1777) writer on the corn trade

Charles Smith (1749—1824) subject and portrait painter

Charles Smith (1786—1856) singer and composer

Charles Smith (c. 1715—1762) topographer and county historian

Charles Smith Bird (1795—1862) theological writer

Charles Smith Wilkinson (1843—1891) geologist

Edgar Charles Smith (1872—1955) naval officer and historian of technology

George Charles Moore Smith (1858—1940) literary scholar

George Charles Smith (1782—1863) missionary to seafarers

Leslie Charles Smith (1918—2005) industrialist and toy manufacturer

Sir Charles Bean Euan Smith (1842—1910) army officer and diplomatist

Sir Charles Felix Smith (1786—1858) army officer

Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith (1897—1935) aviator