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314 Vimentin Stain: A Useful Stain or an Ancient Change

Leaving a ‘Stain upon the Silence’ Contemporary Criminology and the Politics of Dissent

PhloxineB, a versatile bacterial stain

N. C. - Initials of a stained glass artist

N. V. - Initials of a stained glass artist

C4d staining of renal allograft biopsies: a comparative analysis of different staining techniques

Philip Roth's Great Books: A Reading of The Human Stain

Alcian Blue-stained particles in a eutrophic lake

PLASSCHAERT, Albert A. (1866 - 1941), Draughtsman, stained glass painter, engraver

Superficial Copper Staining of the Teeth in a Brass Foundry Worker

211 Evaluation of a New Semiquantitative Method for Scoring Immunohistochemical Stains

165. Not a vapour had stained the breezless blue

Misleading Gram Stain Findings on a Smear from a Cerebrospinal Fluid Specimen

A Set of New Stained-glass Windows in St Vitus's Cathedral, Prague A Study of Patronage and Iconography at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century

Is the Gram Stain Useful in the Microbiologic Diagnosis of VAP? A Meta-analysis

P148. Immunohistochemical staining of plasma cells and eosinophils in Inflammatory Bowel Disease: a preliminary report.

Evaluation of chromatin condensation in human spermatozoa: a flow cytometric assay using acridine orange staining.

A method for detecting sister chromatid exchanges using prematurely condensed chromosomes and immunogold-silver staining

Heterogeneous staining: a tool for studies of how fluorescent dyes affect the physical properties of DNA

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