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Michael C. Wolfson

GOODYER, Ian Michael (born 1949), Foundation Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Cambridge University, since 1992; Fellow of Wolfson College, Cambridge, since 1993

NEEDHAM, Roger Michael (1935 - 2003), Managing Director, Microsoft Research Ltd, since 1997; Professor of Computer Systems, 1981–98, then Emeritus, and Fellow of Wolfson College, since 1967, University of Cambridge

WORTHINGTON, Michael Hugh (born 1946), Professor of Geophysics, 2001–11, and Senior Research Scientist, since 2001, Oxford University; Supernumerary Fellow, Wolfson College, Oxford, 2002–11

de LANGE, Nicholas Robert Michael (born 1944), Professor of Hebrew and Jewish Studies, University of Cambridge, 2001–11, now Emeritus; Fellow, Wolfson College, Cambridge, since 1985

REDHEAD, Michael Logan Gonne (born 1929), Professor of History and Philosophy of Science, Cambridge University, 1987–97; Fellow, Wolfson College, Cambridge, 1988–97, now Emeritus Fellow (Vice-President, 1992–96)

METCALF, David Michael (born 1933), Professor of Numismatics, University of Oxford, 1996–98; Keeper of Heberden Coin Room, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, 1982–98; Fellow of Wolfson College, Oxford, 1982–98, now Emeritus

EPSTEIN, (Michael) Anthony (born 1921), Fellow, 1986–2001, Hon. Fellow, since 2001, Wolfson College, Oxford; Professor of Pathology, 1968–85 (now Emeritus), and Head of Department, 1968–82, University of Bristol; Hon. Consultant Pathologist, Bristol Health District (Teaching), 1968–82

RICHARDSON, Michael Elliot (born 1938), Director of Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning and Director, Institute of Continuing Education (formerly Director of Continuing Education and Secretary, Board of Continuing Education), University of Cambridge, 1990–2003; Fellow of Wolfson College, Cambridge, 1990–2003, now Emeritus

MORRIS, Richard Graham Michael (born 1948), Professor, since 1993, Royal Society Wolfson Professor, since 2006, of Neuroscience, and Director, Centre for Cognitive and Neural Systems, since 2005, Edinburgh University (Chairman, Department of Neuroscience, 1998–2002); Head, Neuroscience and Mental Health, Wellcome Trust, 2007–10 (Senior Neuroscience Adviser, 2010)

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