Charles Thomas

'Charles Thomas' can also refer to...

Thomas Charles (1755—1814) Methodist preacher

LEGARD, Charles Thomas

Newton, Charles Thomas

Thomas Charles Leeson Rowbotham (1823—1875) watercolour painter

Sir Thomas Charles Scanlen (1834—1912) politician and lawyer in Cape Colony

Sir Thomas Charles Skyrme (1913—2002) civil servant and magistrate

Charles Thomas Studd (1862—1931) cricketer and missionary

John Charles Thomas (1891—1960)

Richard Clement Charles Thomas (1929—1996) rugby player and journalist

Thomas Charles Edwards (1837—1900) theologian and educationist

Charles Thomas Cruttwell (1847—1911) classical scholar and Church of England clergyman

Charles Thomas Marvin (1854—1890) writer on Russia

Sir Charles Thomas Newton (1816—1894) archaeologist

Sir Thomas Charles Morgan (c. 1780—1843) philosopher and writer

Thomas Charles Hope (1766—1844) chemist and educationist

Charles Thomas Hudson (1828—1903) naturalist

Charles Thomas Jackson (1805—1880)

Charles Thomas Parsloe, Jr. (1836—1898)

Charles Thomas Lucas (1820—1895) public works contractor

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