Paul Davies

'Paul Davies' can also refer to...

The Languages of Gift in the Early Middle Ages, ed. Wendy Davies and Paul Fouracre

DAVIES, Paul (born 1955), General Manager, St John’s, Smith Square, 1985–2012

DAVIES, Paul Windsor (born 1969), Member (C) Preseli Pembrokeshire, National Assembly for Wales, since 2007

Davies, (David) Paul (Cedric) (born 1962), Design Consultant, Green Factory Ltd, since 2008

DAVIES, Christopher Paul (born 1967), MP (C) Brecon and Radnorshire, since 2015

Subjects of the World: Darwin’s Rhetoric and the Study of Agency in Nature, by Paul Sheldon Davies.

DAVIES, Paul Charles (born 1948), Chief Scientist, and Director, Corporate Science and Analytical Services Directorate, Health and Safety Executive, 1999–2006

European Community Labour Law, Principles and Perspectives: Liber Amicorum Lord Wedderbun edited by Paul Davies, Antoine Lyon-Caen, Silvana Sciarra, and Spiros Simitis. Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1996, xxxvii + 323 pp.

The Merchant Taylors' Company of London: Court Minutes, 1486-1493, ed. Matthew Davies (Stamford: Paul Watkins, for Richard III and Yorkist HistoryTrust, 2000; pp. 342. N.p.

Wendy Davies and Paul Fouracre, editors. The Languages of Gift in the Early Middle Ages. New York: Cambridge University Press. 2010. Pp. xv, 305. $95.00

DAVIES, Paul Charles William (born 1946), Regents’ Professor, since 2012, and Director, Beyond: Center for Fundamental Concepts in Science, since 2006, Arizona State University (College Professor, 2006–11)

Mary Wroth and Shakespeare. Eds. Paul Salzman and Marion Wynne-Davies. New York and London: Routledge (Routledge Studies in Shakespeare, 11), 2015. 172 pp. £85.00. ISBN 978–1–13–878303–4

DAVIES, Paul Lyndon (born 1944), Allen and Overy Professor of Corporate Law, University of Oxford, 2009–14, now Emeritus; Fellow of Jesus College, Oxford, 2009–14, now Emeritus; Senior Research Fellow, Commercial Law Centre, Harris Manchester College, Oxford, since 2014