Richard English

'Richard English' can also refer to...

The English Revenue of Richard I

Richard I and His Appoinments to English Shrievalties

Early English religious drama: Richard Rastall, Minstrels playing: music in early English religious drama

Selected Bibliography of English-Language Literature on Richard Strauss

Smith, Richard (1567-1655), vicar apostolic of the English church

Hogg, Richard Milne (1944-2007), historian of the English language

richard j. watts. Language Myths and the History of English.

Morris, Richard (1833-1894), scholar of early English and philologist

The Poems of Richard Crashaw: English Latin and Greek (Second Edition) English Latin and Greek

Richard Yeo. Notebooks, English Virtuosi, and Early Modern Science.

Richard the Lionheart (1157 - 1199), English ruler, poet, musician

Richard II and the English Royal Treasure, by Jenny Stratford

WADE, Richard Lawrence (born 1938), writer, photographer, and campaigner for the modernisation of English orthography

YEO, (Christopher) Richard (born 1948), Abbot President, English Benedictine Congregation, since 2001

WALL, David (Richard) (1946 - 2013), Ballet Master, English National Ballet Co., 1994–2007

BOND, Richard Warwick (1857 - 1943), Professor (Emeritus) of English Language and Literature in University College, Nottingham

ORAGE, Alfred Richard (1873 - 1934), formerly Editor New Age; now Editor New English Weekly

WILSON, Richard Middlewood (1908 - 1995), Professor of English Language, University of Sheffield, 1955–73

HEASLIP, Richard George (born 1932), Director-General, English-Speaking Union, 1987–90

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