Richard North

'Richard North' can also refer to...

Common Spiders of North America Richard A. Bradley

622 Richard North Annamaboe, 5 Aug. 1682

624 Richard North Annamaboe, 9 Aug. 1682

Christopher Booker 1937–  and Richard North 1946– 

richard north. The Origins of Beowulf: From Virgil to Wiglaf.

MANTLE, Richard John (born 1947), General Director, Opera North, since 1994

PAISLEY, Ian Richard Kyle (born 1966), MP (DemU) North Antrim, since 2010

BEAUMONT, John Richard (born 1947), Regional Chairman of Employment Tribunals (North West Region), 1999–2002

FARNES, Richard Haworth (born 1964), Music Director, Opera North, Leeds, 2004–July 2016

LOWDEN, Richard Purdie (1948 - 2012), DL; a Circuit Judge, North Eastern Circuit, since 1994

ROBERTS, Richard Owen (1876 - 1929), County Court Judge for Chester and North Wales Circuit since 1924

Grosvenor, Richard de Aquila (1837 - 1912), PC; Chairman, London and North-Western Railway from 1891

HEYGATE, Richard Lionel (1859 - 1926), JP; late Master of Foxhounds, North Herefordshire

JOHNSON, Richard Stringer (1907 - 1981), Chairman, North Thames Gas Board, 1964–70

MILLER, Richard Hope (1904 - 1989), Chairman, North West Region, Arthritis and Rheumatism Council, since 1974

BAKER, Richard James (born 1974), Member (Lab) Scotland North East, Scottish Parliament, since 2003

NORTH, Christopher Richard (1888 - 1975), Methodist Minister; Emeritus Professor of Hebrew at University College of North Wales, Bangor

Richard M. Reid. Freedom for Themselves: North Carolina's Black Soldiers in the Civil War Era. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press. 2008. Pp. xvii, 420. $40.00.

The Rise of Mahāsena: The Transformation of Skanda-Kārttikeya in North India from the Kuṣāṇa to Gupta Empires. By Richard D. Mann

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