Oliver Johns

'Oliver Johns' can also refer to...

John Oliver (1601—1661) college head

John Oliver (c. 1506—1552) civil lawyer

John Oliver (1838—1866) Welsh-language poet

John Oliver (1617—1701) glass painter and master mason

John Oliver Creighton (b. 1943)

John Oliver Hobbes (1867—1906)

Oliver St John (1603—1642) politician and parliamentarian army officer

Oliver St John (c. 1598—1673) lawyer and politician

Oliver St John (1559—1630) lord deputy of Ireland

Oliver St John (c. 1584—1646) politician

Oliver St John Gogarty (1878—1957) surgeon and writer

Rollo John Oliver Meyer (1905—1991) educationist and cricketer

Sir Oliver Beauchamp Coventry St John (1837—1891) political officer in India and telegraph engineer