Patrick Major

'Patrick Major' can also refer to...

MAULE, Hugh Patrick Guarin (1873 - 1940), Major (retired), Hon. Artillery Co.

LUSHINGTON, Arthur (Patrick Douglas) (1861 - 1937), late Major 3rd Dragoon Guards

Wingfield, Mervyn Patrick (1905 - 1973), Major, Royal Irish Fusiliers; late Lt 8th Hussars

Henniker-Major, John Patrick Edward Chandos (1916 - 2004), DL; Director, Wates Foundation, 1972–78

Rana Mitter and Patrick Major, editors. Across the Blocs: Cold War Cultural and Social History. Portland, Oreg.: Frank Cass. 2004. Pp. 178

WATSON-WILLIAMS, Patrick (1863 - 1938), Major, RAMC (T); Consulting Surgeon, Ear, Nose and Throat, Bristol Royal Infirmary

BENN, Patrick (Ion Hamilton) (1922 - 1992), Captain, Reserve of Officers, late Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry; Major, Norfolk Army Cadet Force, 1960

Behind the Berlin Wall: East Germany and the Frontiers of Power, by Patrick MajorInventing A Socialist Nation: Heimat and the Politics of Everyday Life in the GDR, 1945–1990

SAYERS, (Matthew Herbert) Patrick (1908 - 2000), Major-General, Army Medical Services (retired); Consulting Pathologist, Employment Medical Advisory Service, Department of Employment and Health and Safety Executive, 1967–75

WILLASEY-WILSEY, Anthony Patrick (1920 - 1985), Major-General, Commando Forces Royal Marines, Plymouth, 1968–70, retired; a Chairman, Civil Service Interview Panel, since 1980

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