Peter Miller

'Peter Miller' can also refer to...

MILLER, Andrew Peter (born 1949)

144 (3) Peter [Patrick] Miller, Esqr Dalswinton Dumfries

Miller, Peter N. Peiresc’s Mediterranean World.

MILLER, John Bryan Peter Duppa- (1903 - 1994)

Peter N. Miller, editor. The Sea: Thalassography and Historiography.

78A. (1) Peter [For Patrick] Miller Esquire, Banker, Edinburgh

139 (2) Peter [Patrick] Miller Esquire Of Dalswinton By Dumfries

MILLER, Peter (North) (born 1930), Chairman, Lloyd’s, 1984–87; Chairman, The Miller Insurance Group Ltd (formerly Thos R. Miller & Son (Holdings)), 1971–83 and 1988–96

Cunningham, Peter Miller (1789-1864), naval surgeon and pioneer in Australia

SOMERS, Thomas Peter Miller (1877 - 1965), JP Glasgow; MInstMunE

BRIGHTLING, Peter Henry Miller (1921 - 2009), Assistant Under Secretary of State, Ministry of Defence, 1973–81

Paul J. Lavrakas, Michael W. Traugott, and Peter V. Miller, editors, Presidential Polls and the News Media

Peter N. Miller. Peiresc's Europe: Learning and Virtue in the Seventeenth Century. New Haven: Yale University Press. 2000. Pp. xv, 234. $40.00

Joan of Arc. Produced by Peter Bray; directed by Christian Duguay; screenplay by Michael Alexander Miller and Ronald Parker. 1999; color; 240 minutes. Distributor: CBS

The Internationale. Produced and directed by Peter Miller. 2000; color; 30 minutes. Distributed by First Run/Icarus Films

MANSER, (Peter) John (born 1939), Chairman, SAB Miller PLC (formerly South African Breweries), 2013–15 (Director, 2001–15; Deputy Chairman, 2012–13)

SIMPSON, Peter Miller (1921 - 1988), company director; Director: Bute Looms Ltd, since 1973; Bute Fabrics Ltd, since 1977

MILLER, Peter Francis Nigel (1924 - 1997), Surveyor to the Fabric of Ely Cathedral, 1974–94, then Emeritus

MILLER, Peter Watters (1890 - 1976), Professor of Old Testament Language and Literature, Free Church College, Edinburgh, 1936–66, Principal, 1945–66, Principal Emeritus since 1966

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