David Wallace

'David Wallace' can also refer to...

Wallace, David

Wallace, David Foster

WALLACE, David Johnston (1886 - 1965)

David Foster Wallace as American Hedgehog

PLATT, David Wallace (born 1964), QC 2011

WALLACE, David (1862 - 1952), DL City of Edinburgh

David Foster Wallace and the Fallacies of “Fatalism”

David Foster Wallace on the Good Life

WALLACE, Richard David (born 1961), Executive Producer, Syco Entertainment, since 2012

Wallace, (David) Euan (1892-1941), army officer and politician

David Wallace, Chaucerian Polity: Absolutist Lineages and Associational Forms in England and Italy; David Wallace ed., The Cambridge History of Medieval English Literature

WALLACE, David (James) (born 1945), Master, Churchill College, Cambridge, 2006–14

McDAVID, James Wallace (1887 - 1964), formerly Division Chairman, Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd, Nobel Division

DAVID WALLACE The Emergent Multiverse: Quantum Theory According to the Everett Interpretation

WALLACE, David Mitchell (1913 - 1992), retired, 1978; Professor of Urology, Riyadh Medical College, Saudi Arabia, 1974–78

David Wallace Adams and Crista DeLuzio, editors. On the Borders of Love and Power: Families and Kinship in the Intercultural American Southwest

WALLACE, (David) Euan (1892 - 1941), MP (U) Rugby Division of Warwickshire, 1922–23, Hornsey since 1924; Senior Regional Commissioner for Civil Defence in London, 1940

David Wallace Adams. Education for Extinction: American Indians and the Boarding School Experience, 1875–1928. Lawrence: University Press of Kansas. 1995. Pp. xi, 396. $34.95

SASSOON, Philip (Albert Gustave David) (1888 - 1939), PC 1929; MP (U) Hythe since 1912; First Commissioner of Works since 1937; Trustee of the National Gallery, 1921–28 and since 1929, Wallace Collection, Tate Gallery, British School at Rome

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