Richard Landes

'Richard Landes' can also refer to...

Lander, Richard, and John

Richard Lemon Lander (1804—1834) traveller in Africa

Lander, Richard, and John

Lander, Richard Lemon

Lander, Richard Lemon (1804–34)

Lander, Richard Lemon (1804–34)

Lander, Rt Rev. Richard Brook

Richard Landes. Heaven on Earth: The Varieties of the Millennial Experience.

The Land of Opportunity: Joseph Haydn and Britain. Ed. by Richard Chesser and David Wyn Jones

Land and Family: Trends and Local Variations in the Peasant Land Market on the Winchester Bishopric Estates, 1263–1415, by John Mullan and Richard Britnell

Malcolm Ebright, Rick Hendricks, and Richard W. Hughes. Four Square Leagues: Pueblo Indian Land in New Mexico.

Public Gifts and Political Identities: Sir Richard Acland, Common Wealth, and the Moral Politics of Land Ownership in the 1940s

Creating the Land of the Sky: Tourism and Society in Western North Carolina. By Richard D. Starnes (Tuscaloosa: The University of Alabama Press, 2005. xiv plus 231 pp.)

Richard Rodger. The Transformation of Edinburgh: Land, Property and Trust in the Nineteenth Century. New York: Cambridge University Press. 2001. Pp. xix, 540. $80.00

Richard Landes. Relics, Apocalyse, and the Deceits of History: Ademar of Chabannes, 989–1034. (Harvard Historical Studies, number 117.) Cambridge: Harvard University Press. 1995. Pp. xii, 404. $55.00

Zuni and the Courts: A Struggle for Sovereign Land Rights. Edited by E. Richard Hart. Illustrations, tables, figures, appendixes, index and Zuni and the Courts CD-ROM. Edited and compiled by E. Richard Hart. Distributed by the University Press of Kansas

Black Power: A Record of Reactions in a Land of Pathos. Richard Wright. Introduction by Amritjit Singh. New York: Harper Collins, 1995. The Color Curtain. Richard Wright. Introduction by Amritjit Singh. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 1994. $35.00 cloth, $15.95 paper. White Man, Listen! Richard Wright. Introduction by Cedric Robinson. New York: Harper Collins, 1995.

For the Health of the Land: Previously Unpublished Essays and Other Writings. By Aldo Leopold. Edited by J. Baird Callicott and Eric T. Freyfogle and The Essential Aldo Leopold: Quotations and Commentaries. Edited by Curt Meine and Richard L. Knight

The Divided States of America? What Liberals and Conservatives are Missing in the God-and-Country Shouting Match. By Richard Land. Nashville, Tenn.: Thomas Nelson Publishing, 2007. 336 pp. $22.99

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