David Ellis

'David Ellis' can also refer to...

David Ellis (b. 1933)

Ellis, David (1933)

Ellis, David (1933)

CUNLIFFE, David Ellis (born 1957), business development manager

ELLIS, David Raymond (born 1946), a Circuit Judge, 1995–2014

David Ellis, Memoirs of a Leavisite: the decline and fall of Cambridge English

David Ellis (ed.), D. H. Lawrence’s Women in Love: A Casebook.

ELLIS, David Charles (born 1960), Chief Executive, National Star College, since 2010

MARLOW, David Ellis (born 1935), Chief Executive, 3i Group, 1988–92

Ellis, David. D. H. Lawrence: Dying Game 1922–1930. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1998. xxvi+780 pp. £35. ISBN 0–521–25421–3.

The Musical Voyager: Berlioz in Europe. Ed. by David Charlton and Katharine Ellis.Berlioz: Scenes from the Life and Work. Ed. by Peter Bloom.

ELLIS, Timothy David (born 1971), Chief Executive, Keeper, and Registrar General, National Records of Scotland, since 2013

ELLIS, Norman David (born 1943), Under Secretary, British Medical Association, 1980–2000 (Senior Industrial Relations Officer, 1978–82)

David R. Roediger. Working Toward Whiteness: How America's Immigrants Became White; The Strange Journey from Ellis Island to the Suburbs. New York: Basic Books. 2005. Pp. vii, 339. $26.95

NORBROOK, David Gordon Ellis (born 1950), Merton Professor of English Literature, University of Oxford, 2002–14, now Emeritus; Fellow of Merton College, Oxford, 2002–14, now Emeritus

ELLIS, Ian David (born 1955), non-executive Chairman: Arcus Services Ltd, since 2011; Mill Residential Reit plc, since 2014; non-executive Director, Telereal Trillium, since 2015 (Chairman, 2009–14)

EVANS, (David) Ellis (1930 - 2013), Jesus Professor of Celtic, University of Oxford, 1978–96, then Emeritus, and Fellow of Jesus College, 1978–96, then Emeritus

ELLIS, David (1874 - 1937), Professor of Bacteriology and Lecturer in Botany, Royal Technical College, Glasgow; Lecturer in Technological Mycology, University of Glasgow; Superintendent of School of Pharmacy and of Scottish School of Bakery since 1920

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