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culture-bound syndromes

Overview page. Subjects: Psychology.

Patterns of aberrant behaviour that do not fit easily into standard classifications of mental disorders and are entirely or mainly restricted to particular cultural groups, usually...

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Curing and Healing

Overview page. Subjects: History of the Americas.

From the beginning of the written record and probably even before then, Mesoamericans have been accustomed to choosing from among many means of preventing, diagnosing, and healing diseases....

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evil eye

Overview page. Subjects: Religion.

Popular belief that a person can glance or stare at someone else's favorite possession and, if envious of the other person's good fortune, hurt, damage, or destroy it.

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Overview page. Subjects: Religion.

A term, originating from Siberia, used to describe diverse religious activities in a large number of technologically simple societies. The shaman is a part-time, non-institutionalized,...

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Overview page. Subjects: History.

The malevolent exercise of supposed supernatural powers, especially by women, attributed to a connection with the devil or evil spirits. The witch's male counterpart is wizard, sorcerer, or...

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