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Abbé de Saint-Pierre

Overview page. Subjects: Literature — Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution.

Charles François Irénée Castel Abbé de Saint-Pierre (1658–1743) was born on 13 February 1658 at château Saint-Pierre-Eglise situated between Cherbourg and Barfleur in Normandy, France....

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Abigail Adams

Overview page. Subjects: Literature — Politics.


wife of John Adams, from whom she had to be separated for long periods during the Revolution, occasioning her frequent, loving, lively, and outspoken letters. She also...

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Overview page. Subjects: Literature — Education.

The German examination equivalent to the General Certificate of Education Advanced Level. It is often held up by educators in the United Kingdom as a model to be emulated as it offers the...

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Alan Davies

Overview page. Subjects: Politics — Literature.

Alan Fraser Davies (1924–87) was appointed lecturer in politics at the University of Melbourne in 1946. In 1968 he gained the Chair of Political Science, which he held until his ...

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Alan Paton

Overview page. Subjects: Literature — African Studies.

(1903–1988) South African novelist and short-story writer

Cry, the Beloved Country (1948) FictionToo Late the Phalarope (1953) FictionDebbie Go Home (1961) Fiction Short...

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Alan Seeger

Overview page. Subjects: Warfare and Defence — Literature.


New York-born poet, graduated from Harvard (1910), went to Paris (1913), and at the beginning of World War I enlisted in the French Foreign Legion. He was killed at...

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Albert D. Beveridge

Overview page. Subjects: Literature — Politics.


insurgent Republican senator from Indiana (1899–1911), was an organizer of the Progressive party. After its defeat in his state, he turned to historical writing,...

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Alex La Guma

Overview page. Subjects: African Studies — Literary Studies (20th Century onwards).


South African novelist, born in Cape Town. He was arrested in the Treason Trial of 1956–61, partly as a consequence of his activities with the Communist Party and the ...


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Alexander Hill Everett

Overview page. Subjects: Literature — Economics.


Everett was born in Boston on 19 March 1790, the son of a clergyman. He died in Canton (Guangzhou) China around 29 June 1847. Educated at Harvard, he taught ...

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Alexis de Tocqueville

Overview page. Subjects: Social Sciences — Literature.


An early French sociologist who travelled to the United States between 1831 and 1832 to observe democracy at work. His classic work Democracy in America (1835–40)...

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