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act of God

Overview page. Subjects: Business and Management — Biblical Studies.

A natural event that is not caused by any human action and cannot be predicted. It is untrue (as is sometimes thought) that insurance policies covering homes and businesses exclude acts of...

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Benedict the African

Overview page. Subjects: Christianity — African Studies.


Franciscan lay brother. He was born near Messina (Sicily) of black parents from Africa of servile status. At the age of eighteen he was freed, and earned his living as...

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Diaspora, Jewish

Overview page. Subjects: Economic History — Christianity.

The Dispersion (διασπορά) of the Jews began with the Assyrian and Babylonian deportations (c.721 and c.597 bc). It eventually spread throughout the Roman Empire, and by NT times there were...

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Overview page. Subjects: Christianity — Politics.

The doorkeepers constituted the lowest of the Minor Orders in the W. Church. They are mentioned in a letter of c.251. Their functions were similar to those of a modern verger. In the RC...

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Overview page. Subjects: Financial Institutions and Services — Biblical Studies.

(Dr) Formerly, the standard monetary unit of Greece, divided into 100 lepta. It was subsumed into the euro for all purposes except cash transactions in 2001 and abolished in 2002.

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Edward Copleston

Overview page. Subjects: Economics — Christianity.


Bp. of Llandaff. A fine classical scholar, he was elected a Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford, in 1795 and Provost of the college in 1814. In 1826 he became ...

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Henry Drummond

Overview page. Subjects: Christianity — Economics.


politician and Irvingite leader. After some years in business he entered Parliament in 1810, and although ostensibly a Tory, voted throughout his life independently on...

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Overview page. Subjects: Christianity — Politics.

In the C of E the holder of a parochial charge, i.e. a rector, vicar, or (until 1968) a perpetual curate.

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Overview page. Subjects: African Studies — Christianity.

The village in Kenya where a Missionary Conference of Anglicans, Presbyterians, and other Protestants was held in 1913. A federation of the constituent Churches was proposed.

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Overview page. Subjects: Warfare and Defence — Christianity.

A popular designation of a chaplain in the forces, also used of all clergy.

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