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air transport

Overview page. Subjects: Military History — Economic History.

1 the movement of personnel and cargo by air.

2 an aircraft designed to move personnel and/or cargo.

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Art Market

Overview page. Subjects: Arts and Humanities — Economic History.

Before offering an account of its historical development, it is first necessary to define what is meant by art market. An art market differs from the situation in which art ...

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Overview page. Subjects: World History — Economic History.

(Spanish: contract) was the concession made by Spain to Britain at Utrecht in 1713 of the right to supply negro slaves to the Spanish empire. Intended to last for 30 years, the trade was...

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barter Economy

Overview page. Subjects: Medieval and Renaissance History (500 to 1500) — Economic History.

An economy in which goods are directly exchanged for other goods without the use of a medium of exchange.

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Cadbury Family

Overview page. Subjects: British History — Economic History.

A family of Quaker manufacturers and philanthropists based in Bournville, Birmingham, England, the Cadburys have been active in the confectionery trades since the early nineteenth century,...

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construction Industry

Overview page. Subjects: Economic History — British History.

The largest structures of the medieval and early modern periods were monasteries, churches, cathedrals, castles, and town walls. York, with its 13th-cent. motte and bailey castle, known as...

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Diaspora, Jewish

Overview page. Subjects: Economic History — Christianity.

The Dispersion (διασπορά) of the Jews began with the Assyrian and Babylonian deportations (c.721 and c.597 bc). It eventually spread throughout the Roman Empire, and by NT times there were...

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domestic Service

Overview page. Subjects: Economic History — Australasian and Pacific History.

Refers to paid employment as servants in the households of others. In all periods of history both men and women sought such employment. However, fewer men than women became servants after...

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E.H. Harriman

Overview page. Subjects: United States History — Economic History.

(1848–1909), railroad financier.

Born in Hempstead, New York, Edward Henry Harriman began his business career as a Wall Street stockbroker, but soon became a railroad financier by...

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Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie

Overview page. Subjects: Literature — Economic History.

(born 1929), French historian who has contributed to many fields of history, including economic history.

Ladurie is one of the most influential members of the so-called Annales...

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