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1617, 1717

Thomas Albert Howard.

in Remembering the Reformation

September 2016; p ublished online August 2016 .

Chapter. Subjects: Christianity. 8484 words.

This chapter focuses on the first two centenary jubilees of the Reformation in 1617 and 1717 and argues that they are similar in many respects. It makes clear that these commemorations were...

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Thomas Albert Howard.

in Remembering the Reformation

September 2016; p ublished online August 2016 .

Chapter. Subjects: Christianity. 9087 words.

After briefly mentioning some Reformation-related commemorations that took place after the tercentenary in 1817, this chapter profiles the 400th anniversary of Martin Luther’s birth in 1883...

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Overview page. Subjects: Biblical Studies.

The symbol employed in textual criticism for a MS of the New Testament in Greek written on parchment in Egypt (Alexandria? Hence known as the Codex Alexandrinus) in the 5th cent. A few...

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à Becket, St Thomas

Edited by F. L. Cross and E. A. Livingstone.

in The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church

January 2005; p ublished online January 2009 .

Reference Entry. Subjects: Christianity. 8 words.

“A Bible with the Back Cover Torn Off”

David F. Holland.

in Sacred Borders

January 2011; p ublished online May 2011 .

Chapter. Subjects: Christianity. 6460 words.

This chapter lays out some of the ways both early Christians and modern Americans have dealt with the matter of defining a scriptural canon. It also considers the writings of a pair of...

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“A Bulit out of Everi Bush”

Meredith Baldwin Weddle.

in Walking in the Way of Peace

May 2001; p ublished online November 2003 .

Chapter. Subjects: Christianity. 4846 words.

The local towns of Warwick and Providence showed resentment toward the Rhode Island central government for its failure to adequately protect them. Both towns were destroyed in the spring of...

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“A Citadel of Piety”

Frances Finnegan.

in Do Penance or Perish

April 2004; p ublished online October 2011 .

Chapter. Subjects: Christianity. 12291 words.

The Illustrated Guide to Waterford by Edmund Downey states that the City's Magdalen Asylum (later under the care of the Good Shepherd Sisters) was originally founded in 1799. A more...

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‘A Cloud of Witnesses’

James Pereiro.

in The Oxford Handbook of the Oxford Movement

June 2017; p ublished online July 2017 .

Article. Subjects: Christianity. 6354 words.

The leaders of the Oxford Movement were supported by a cast of friends and disciples who made important contributions to the ideas and initiatives associated with the Movement. Most of...

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“A Disease of Language”

Robert A. Yelle.

in The Language of Disenchantment

October 2012; p ublished online January 2013 .

Chapter. Subjects: Christianity. 16102 words.

Chapter 2 examines the background of the colonial attack on Hindu mythology, which borrowed from an earlier critique, associated with Francis Bacon and scientific empiricism, of the habit...

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“A Garden Enclosed, a Fountain Sealed”

Karl Shuve.

in The Song of Songs and the Fashioning of Identity in Early Latin Christianity

March 2016; p ublished online April 2016 .

Chapter. Subjects: Early Christianity; Biblical Studies. 13540 words.

This chapter argues for Cyprian’s importance in the history of the Song’s interpretation. It is shown that Song 4:12 and 6:8 were crucial texts in his defense of the practice of rebaptism,...

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