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Benign Hematology

David P. Steensma.

in Mayo Clinic Internal Medicine Board Review

August 2010; p ublished online June 2012 .

Chapter. Subjects: Clinical Medicine; Haematology. 15988 words.

The major forms of benign hematologic conditions are anemia, neutropenia, transfusion reactions, Gaucher disease, and porphyria. Anemia is a sign of disease rather than a ...

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Cardiac Anaesthesia

Matthew Barnard and Bruce Martin.

July 2010; p ublished online October 2011 .

Book. Subjects: Anaesthetics; Cardiovascular Medicine; Haematology; Nephrology; Respiratory Medicine and Pulmonology; Cardiothoracic Surgery; Operating Department Practice. 624 pages.

This handbook aims to provide the information required for anaesthetic trainees looking after cardiac surgical patients and to provide a hands-on practical guide to what to do ‘on the spot’.


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A case of Takotsubo cardiomyopathy after chemotherapy

Tamir Malley and Edmund Watson.

in Oxford Medical Case Reports

P ublished online April 2016 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Cardiovascular Medicine; Haematology. 1348 words.

Here we present the case of a patient with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma who was admitted to hospital for an elective autologous peripheral blood stem cell transplant after cytotoxic...

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Challenging Concepts in Cardiovascular Medicine

Edited by Aung Myat, Shouvik Haldar and Simon Redwood.

September 2011; p ublished online July 2013 .

Book. Subjects: Cardiovascular Medicine; Cardiothoracic Surgery; Haematology; Infectious Diseases; Respiratory Medicine and Pulmonology; Transplant Surgery; Neonatology; Medical Statistics and Methodology; Rehabilitation Medicine. 288 pages.

This resource contains a series of challenging concepts in cardiovascular medicine covering all subspecialty areas. Each case provides an in-depth review of current practice, the...

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Coagulation (Hemostasis and Thrombosis)

Rajiv K. Pruthi.

in Mayo Clinic Internal Medicine Board Review

August 2010; p ublished online June 2012 .

Chapter. Subjects: Clinical Medicine; Haematology. 10907 words.

The coagulation system has 2 essential functions: to maintain hemostasis and to prevent and limit thrombosis. The procoagulant component of the hemostatic system ...

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Current Surgical Guidelines

Abdullah Jibawi and David Cade.

October 2009; p ublished online May 2013 .

Book. Subjects: Surgery; Medical Statistics and Methodology; Surgical Skills; Peri-operative Care; Communication Skills; Nursing Skills; Haematology; Cardiovascular Medicine; Critical Care; Medical Microbiology and Virology; Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics; Anaesthetics; Pain Medicine; Histopathology; Surgical Oncology; Endocrinology and Diabetes; Bariatric Surgery; General Surgery; Colorectal Surgery; Hepatobiliary Surgery; Vascular Surgery; Breast Surgery. 464 pages.

Current Surgical Guidelines covers the main conditions requiring surgical care, such as breast cancer, critically ill surgical patients, and diverticular disease, and focuses on the...

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Emergencies in Children's and Young People's Nursing

Edited by E. A Glasper, Gill McEwing and Jim Richardson.

June 2011; p ublished online September 2011 .

Book. Subjects: Paediatrics; Neurology; Respiratory Medicine and Pulmonology; Gastroenterology; Haematology; Endocrinology and Diabetes. 456 pages.

Emergencies in Children's and Young People's Nursing is a one-stop quick reference for children's and young people's nurses providing emergency care in the acute hospital setting.

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Emergencies in Clinical Medicine

Edited by Piers Page and Greg Skinner.

January 2008; p ublished online August 2010 .

Book. Subjects: Clinical Medicine; Emergency Medicine; Cardiovascular Medicine; Respiratory Medicine and Pulmonology; Endocrinology and Diabetes; Gastroenterology; Nephrology; Haematology; Neurology; Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery; Rheumatology; Surgery. 456 pages.

This reference aims to give the junior doctor the confidence to recognise these and manage emergencies. It is concise, didactic and an excellent complement to the Oxford Handbook of...

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Emergencies in Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Daniel Marks and Marcus Harbord.

July 2013; p ublished online October 2013 .

Book. Subjects: Gastroenterology; Haematology; Pain Medicine; Obstetrics. 400 pages.

An easily accessible guide to diagnosing and managing critical situations, Emergencies in Gastroenterology and Hepatology aids doctors in dealing with acutely sick patients quickly and...

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Emergencies in Paediatrics and Neonatology

Edited by Stuart Crisp and Jo Rainbow.

February 2013; p ublished online April 2013 .

Book. Subjects: Paediatrics; Emergency Medicine; Communication Skills; Neonatology; Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery; Cardiovascular Medicine; Respiratory Medicine and Pulmonology; Gastroenterology; Nephrology; Urology; Surgery; Neurology; Otolaryngology (ENT); Ophthalmology; Gynaecology; Haematology; Radiation Oncology; Dermatology; Endocrinology and Diabetes; Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. 576 pages.

The second edition of this essential handbook provides a practical, accessible guide to all emergency situations encountered in paediatrics and neonatology, from the immediately...

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